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Where are they now?


Since our patron, Elizabeth Reid, became the first Women’s Adviser ever appointed by a Prime Minister in 1973, there have been literally thousands of women employed as staffers of ALP parliamentarians and party offices.


In our ‘Where are they now?’ series, now you can learn what some of these fabulous women have gone on to do in their professional (and personal) lives.

Laura Chalmers 

When did you first work for the ALP and what was your role? 

I went to work for Senator Penny Wong, the then Minister for Climate Change, in early 2009. The Rudd Government had committed to the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme and was trying to pass legislation through the Parliament. It was a huge political fight at the time, and I came on board as her press secretary.


What did you go onto do after that?

In 2012, I moved to the Prime Minister’s office where I worked as press secretary to Prime Minister Julia Gillard until she left office.

What did you find most rewarding career-wise about working for the ALP?

Working for two extraordinary women in Penny Wong and Julia Gillard, and observing up close their strength, work ethic and leadership.

What is a highlight of your time as a staffer?

The lifelong friendships formed during my time as a staffer. The camaraderie that existed within the Prime Minister’s office was like no other workplace I’ve ever experienced. I also learnt so much from the talented policy and political staff I worked with – so many intelligent people, dedicated to public service.

What are you doing now?


I returned to the media after Julia Gillard left office. I am now working as News Editor at The Sunday Mail in Brisbane, but remain an avid consumer of political news.

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